New-York Tribune Dec 7 1919

Another mystery ship. The German submarine mothership Vulcan, which, when Germany turned over her fleet to the Allies under the terms of the armistice, strangely disappeared, and nothing has been heard of her since. Did she meet the same fate as our unfor£unate collier Cyclops? Note the heavy cranes amidship for raising the submarine out of the water for repairs.


Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) 75th Bn,

Private George Taylor (

Service Number:139700

). He was the son of Jabez and Harriett Taylor, of 152, Rebecca Avenue, Hamilton; husband of Catherine Taylor, of 65, Catherine St. South, Hamilton, Ont. Buried in the HAMILTON CEMETERY; (

K. 54. 24

) Ontario, Canada.

Canadian records show some confusion about his death. His CWGC lists his death as Dec 7 1915 on the register but his grave report says Dec 6. His death card reads that he “Died in police belle Toronto on the 6th Dec. Last an inquest was held and was adjourned untill the 16th Dec. when a verdict was rendered “death due to extreme alcoholism”

Evening Star. December 7 1919 

S. O. S. for a designer of women’s clothes, to introduce a simplified American style of dress in Japan, was received here to day by the American Young Women’s Christian Association from Miss Michi Kawai. general secretary for the Japanese national Y. W. C. A. Entry of 850,000 Japanese women into industrial and professional life has resulted in a revolt from the tyranny of centuries-old costumes.

Miss Kawai explained that school teachers and wives of small merchants, who must have fifty or more dresses which must be ripped apart and laundered once a year, no longer have time for such tedious tasks. Japanese girls attending college in this country have been urged to bring home their American clothes to aid in setting the new style.

Dec 7 1918 

IWM (Q 93201) “Italian 440 mm trench mortars on display in an athletic park at Treviso" December 7 1918

Production date: 1918-12-07

Dec 7 1918 Joseph Christian Leyendecker’s “World War I Santa”
The Saturday Evening Post cover art

Dec 7 1919 Le Petit Journal – Bulgaria and the land it lost in its Treaty of Peace

October Revolution in Russia – Lenin’s Revolution

IWM (Q 103662) “A captain of the Russian 56th Regiment committee addressing soldiers in Kronstadt. The banner reads “We want land, liberty and peace”.

Production date: 1917-12-07

Apr 1917 Official Canadian War photographer, William Ivor Castle, takes a picture of two soldiers examining a skull found on the battlefield of Vimy Ridge.
Online MIKAN no. 3194488

William Ivor Castle takes a picture of two soldiers examining a skull found on the battlefield of Vimy Ridge.
Online MIKAN no. 3194488

During WWI Canada employed three official photographers: 

  • Captain Harry Knobel (from April-August 1916)
  • Captain William Ivor Castle (from August 1916-June 1917)
  • Lieutenant William Rider-Rider (from June 1917-November 1918)

Castle was born in 1877 in Bristol and worked for the Daily Mirror when the war broke out he was employed as a war photographer.

William Ivor Castle was a war photographer during WWI

A heavy howitzer on the Somme. November, 1916



A message [to] from the Hun. November, 1916.



A Message to the Hun. November, 1916