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New York times (New-York [N.Y.]), Aug 18 1918
“Arabians now fighting for the Allies, shipping camels by the way of the Red Sea for use of the Arabian Army”

The New York times (New-York [N.Y.]), August 18 1918

Aug 18 1917 in WWI

Railway bridge in Chernivtsi August 18 1917 Gesprengte Eisenbahnbrücke in Czernowitz

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Aug 18 1917 Great Thessaloniki Fire destroys 2/3 of Thessaloniki, Greece, leaving more than 70,000 homeless…

Great Thessaloniki Fire of 1917
– Partially caused by Allied control of the city’s water


                                                   Al Fresco Lunch with Italian Officers

‘I recall one of the pleasantest al
lunches I ever sat down to. It was in the trenches, a couple of
hundred yards from the front, in a well-protected dug-out, which was fitted up
in somewhat similar fashion to a settler’s hut in the Far
West; it was quite snug, in fact, and we were quite a merry party crowded round
the table—in spite of the continuous booming of the guns and the screech of
shells overhead.

Considering the circumstances, I expected a
rough meal; imagine my surprise when we started with a fine hot macaroni soup,
followed by beef steaks and fried potatoes; then came a jam omelette, and we
finished up with cheese and fruit, the whole being washed down with excellent wine.
Black coffee was then brought in, and one of my hosts produced a bottle of
cognac and a box of cigars. You could not have wished for a more delightful
meal—it made me feel that even life in an entrenchment has its compensations at

Julius M. Price, British
War-Artist Correspondent, with the Italian Army – The Fortnightly, Volume
99; Volume 105
– Photo: taken in 1918 in the Forêt de Hesse, Meuse, France,
showing similar circumstances as described by Price: Italian officers’ al fresco
meal in a “snug” dugout located at about 800 yards from the front. La
Contemporaine, France

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Aug 18 1917 Royal Engineers using a splintered tree for fixing up a telephone line at Boezinge…

IWM (Q 2732) “Two Royal Engineers using a splintered tree for fixing up a telephone line at Boezinge, 18th August 1917.“ by Brooks, Ernest (Lieutenant) (Photographer) 



Aug 18 1918 IWM (Q 6948) “Action of Outtersteene Ridge. Artillery observers watching the progress of the creeping barrage laid down to support the attack of 27th Brigade, 9th Division. Meteren” August 18 1918 by Brooke, John Warwick (Photographer)

Aug 18 1916 in WWI

Houthem ( Southwest Furnes ) , August 18 1916. Near the village, Belgian cantonment. The monkey “ Boudah ” mascot of a squadron of Belgian Lancers –  Histoire de Couleurs

Houthem (sud-ouest de Furnes). Près du village. Cantonnement belge. Le singe “Boudah” mascotte d’un escadron –  Cote :VAL 483/022

VAL 483/023 , 18.8.16

Aug 18 1919

Aug 18 1919 Anthrax outbreak in Washington and Craig Counties, Oklahoma – August 18 1919

The Oklahoma City times. [volume] (Oklahoma City, Okla.)

Aug 18 1919 Adventure magazine…

Aug 18 1919 Adventure magazine

Aug 17 1919 Albuquerque Morning Journal publis…

Aug 17 1919 Albuquerque Morning Journal publishes this picture of New Mexico’s Aztec Ruins National Monument